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Bespoke development for web, mobile and kiosk

We’ll turn your ideas into a reality in a time scale and budget that will amaze you. Our software design and development service has helped our clients stand out in crowded marketplaces with long-lasting and meaningful engagements with their audience. Whatever the target platform, we deliver rock-solid solutions and engaging experiences built entirely around your requirements. 

We specialise in responsive web, native app and back-end development that go well beyond providing simple pretty websites and apps. Our team deliver style and substance in equal measures, and our portfolio includes bespoke integration with clients' existing systems and services, as well development of new back-end systems when necessary.

As well as websites, we produce bespoke applications for kiosks, touchscreen and mobile devices for use in retail stores, corporate environments, trade & public exhibitions & tourist attractions. We combine bespoke code and modules from our existing code library to produce the best that contemporary digital interactive experiences can offer.

We use simple processes throughout a project ensuring that best practice is employed at all times - simple processes that achieve outstanding results!

How we can help you?

We demonstrate our expertise throughout the entire software production process - from gathering & validating requirements, designing engaging user experiences with killer user interfaces, right through to developing in a number of technologies for practically any modern device.

HWD offer the full production service to customise a software application to your brand and your specific needs. We’ll validate and prioritise requirements with you and focus on designing a user experience that will excite and engage your users whoever and wherever they are.

We can offer prototypes to test user journeys, if necessary, and once all stakeholders are happy with the user journey and interface our highly experienced development team will begin building it.

Our strict testing regimes ensure that the final application is robust and rock solid and we use industry-standard on-line issue management tools keep you in the loop at all times.

How hard can it be?

Well, we're told it can be very hard, but we believe that building complex functionality doesn't have to be a complicated and difficult process for our clients. We do everything we can to make sure that working with us is enjoyable, profitable and rewarding for our clients. HWD are experts in delivering high quality software products with the minimum fuss and maximum impact for retail touchscreens, brand events, feedback surveys and tablets & mobiles.